Wanna know how to kiss!

To get the First and lucky kiss! Let him do the first move. Its an old fashioned but you are little nervous.

Give a signal to your guy that you close to him by smiling and laughing in conversation, touching his hair and arm, leaning on his shoulder.

First thing is not to hesitate, send him some nonverbal signals by holding his hand and gently tugging it towards you. Wait for him to respond like he may lean towards you.

Keep in mind that do not force the kiss on him which will be tougher to get the second one.

Then give a short kiss to your guy (Closed-mouth kiss). Do another short kiss only when he responds well. Continue giving short kisses till he feels comfortable and makes the kisses longer. Your guy may misinterpret your intentions if you try to move fast.

Expecting more on your first kiss may affect you. You can continue to get closer as ling as your guy responding positively. Open your mouth slightly and observe that whether he is also doing the same. Don’t use tongue for a while.

While kissing, make sure your hands are doing same actions according to your kiss. While doing short kisses you can hug him and put your hands on his shoulders. When your kiss goes longer and open mouth begins you can move further by touching his chest, legs below the knee, touching his face is also a good point. When it goes with the tongue, touching his waist, legs just above the knee and his hair may be good.

Remember Kissing is not a science, but it is not easy either! Its all about the situation, but in general the below steps might lead to the perfect one.

  1. First you should be prepared just like dress up, check your breathe and make a plan to go out etc.,
  2. Be you when you meet your partner, be funny, talk and don’t forget to listen, try to get your partner alone and be polite.
  3. React when she/he lean towards you like keeping the eye contact, playing with hair..
  4. Don’t be rude at the first time. Hold the hand, try to hug, you have enough time to explore.
  5. It is very important to control the noise of smacking and the level of saliva.
  6. And do care about the place where you are because not every culture tolerates.

You cannot imagine how hormones will play a game with you😊

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