Unable To Move On ??? Read This…

Unable To Move On ??? Read This...

Thinking about move on… seems difficult. but it is not as you think… Here I wanna tell you why it hurts in the first place. The only reason is you are not that busy to think of other work or improving yourself instead of thinking about what had happened in the past.

Do think of what can be done in the present and in the future. Don’t think of what had happened and changing the past which you can’t. So here are some tips to move on in your life leaving the past things…

  1. Whenever your mind starts to think about the past, divert your mind towards your hobbies by which you can be an expert in that hobby.
  2. Hobbies like., drawing, painting, playing badminton, watching movies, sharing the knowledge with others, help your friends who are really in need of you…
  3. Move On… when there is no respect because one should respect their own self-respect.
  4. Move On… When there is no hope to live the life however you want.
  5. Move On… You have another beautiful life to live and make it satisfactory.
  6. Move On… love yourself first and then you will get to know how lovely and beautiful you are and how capable you are.
  7. One suggestion is when you were in a relationship, please don’t leave the work whichever you were doing and don’t go behind the relationship leaving the work behind.
  8. Keep yourself busy which motivates you to do the best.
  9. Moving On is not a loss… it makes you stronger. The person who loses you will be in loss and not exactly you. So, just don’t sit back…
  10. Remember one thing people will get down from the train when their stop comes. Miss them and remember the good memories and live happily.
  11. Love the one who loves you and not the one who doesn’t give importance t your love, sacrifices, loyalty and the most valuable time.
  12. To love yourself, change the life style, make yourself look beautiful, go roam with friends, visit beautiful places, spend money on whatever you want. Just be independent and happy for not being in the relationship in which you were dependent, sacrificing your dreams for the person who didn’t care for.

Padmini Dhawaskar

Hi! This is Padmini Dhawaskar, the Author of Working as a Software Engineer at IBM. I started blogging and instagramming with an endeavor to motivate people to keep moving. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re enjoying reading through my blog.

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