Skin care : 3 simple tip to maintain healthy Skin


First remedy is to drink plenty of water to keep our body hydrated. Hydrating our body help us to keep our body more healthy, youthful looking and most important is it helps in improving the elasticity which reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Let us know how we can keep our body hydrated. By drinking water, eating fruits and vegetables which are having more water content.


Let us know how Aleo Vera Gel help us in maintaining a healthy skin. Aloe Vera naturally a depigmentation agent which consists of compound called Aloin and Anthraquinone which helps in lightening the dark acne marks like mark left after pimple have healed etc., removal of dead skin, heals skin irritation and brightens the skin. We got to know that why Aloe Vera Gel.. Now we need to know is when to apply. Two times we need to apply the Gel. One is After washing the face and before applying any cosmetics/makeup on our face aloe vera gel is the must need to be applied. Second is before going to bed we need to wash our face and aloe vera gel need to be applied or we can mix the gel with the regular body lotion for extra hydration.


We already know that rose water is widely used for skin care and a beauty product for thousands of years. Rose water is a magic potion and all-natural skin toner which enhances the beauty regime whatever the skin type for eg., oily, dry or combination skin. Let us know what it consists of and how it is helpful in maintain a healthy and beautiful skin. It is a distillate portion of rose petals which helps in removing oil, dirt by unclogging the pores on our face and again a solution to tone the skin. It also helps in hydrating, moisturize the skin and due to its antibacterial property aids in healing the scars, cuts & Wounds.

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