If you’ve just broken up, Read this…

Yeah here am gonna tell you a story…

He told her that he loved her… he told her that she is “the one”, he told her that “she was ”different” and she gave everything… she left her friends telling next time, she couldn’t focus on her work… she gave more importance to him than anything else… and he still left her.

She thought she wasn’t perfect, but she was a good girlfriend. She cared for him, she went out of her way…She even put aside her own priorities for him… she worried that if she wasn’t always there for him, he would leave… She fought for the answer, she tried… and he left anyway.

Its so dumb – She doesn’t know why she still care, but she still keep scrolling through his facebook, Instagram, whatsapp and she shouldn’t care but keep doing it…

You know genuinely what???

I think this is really the time where you can start focusing on yourself. That relationship was draining so much of your energy. Taking so much of your focus. You put your work aside, you put your friends aside and so often we end up losing ourselves in our relationships. I think this is the time you can really find yourself again. I think you need to take a moment – take a step back press pause; reflect. And use this as a period in your life where you can re-invest in your own happiness, your own fulfillment.

Ask yourself questions like, what is it that I’m really passionate about? What am I excited about? What is that really fuels and drives me? And when you start there, you’ll find that you won’t be looking for someone else to fill those gaps and one of the things that I really want you to remember is that its not about being with someone who makes you happy, its about being someone who makes you happy.

Continuing the story… she started focusing on herself. she started taking care of her health, she started spending time with her friends again, and even managed to focus again on her work. She got her happy hour.

One day the guy who left came back but… you know, he got to know that he lost the precious one forever.

I hope you all enjoyed the story and learnt.

Padmini Dhawaskar

Hi! This is Padmini Dhawaskar, the Author of Working as a Software Engineer at IBM. I started blogging and instagramming with an endeavor to motivate people to keep moving. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re enjoying reading through my blog.

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