How To Remove The Black Heads

First, we need to know that how do we get the black heads…

Hormones which prevents the sebum from getting to the surface of the skin normally and results in an overfull pore and the same hormones causes the pores to produce excessive sebum. The exit of sebum will be blocked by the dead skin accumulated in the pores. When the pore is slightly open, the combination of excess sebum and dead skin cells is exposed to oxygen, which oxidises the mixture and turns it black.

Now let us know what all the steps can be taken to remove the blackheads:

  1. Exfoliate your surface of the skin using mild, water-soluble cleanser on a soft, clean facecloth
  2. Only use the skincare products that are in a gel form or light, liquid lotions whenever you can because the thick lotions and creams get their thick texture from ingredients that can block the pores.
  3. A clay mask which absorbs the excessive sebum.
  4. use a toner containing niacinamide that will help improve the shape of your pores.
  5. If you want to remove the blackheads for two to three minutes place a warm (not hot), damp facecloth on the areas of your face.
  6. Use a comedown spoon and place it over the blackhead, then gently apply downward pressure while pushing the spoon forwards.
  7. Do this only once, if it doesn’t work the it means the blackhead cannot yet be removed. So please don’t force it which can lead to scar tissue and you can try again after few days.
  8. Apply sunscreen during the day to protect your skin from UV rays.

Home remedies like:

  1. Tomatoes: As tomato has antiseptic properties which is effective in opening your pores and to get rid of the blackheads fast. Use its juice and peel as facial treatment to remove blackheads. Tomato treatment will dry up the blackheads completely and make them naturally fall off from the skin surface.
  2. Lemon Juice: Lemon is a popular home remedy to get rid of blackheads from nose and face. It is an essential astringent that works great for blackheads and helps to shrink your skin pores. Apply the mixture of lemon and salt with the help of cotton piece and leave it for 15-20 mins and wash it with lukewarm water.
  3. Steam Treatment: Pour boiling water into a bowl and cover your head with a towel and head to take steam on face for around 10 minutes.

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