How To Remove Face And Skin Tan Within 7 Days Naturally

Wanna remove tan in 7 day ? If yes, here are some home remedies specially for you.

Aloe vera, Lemon, turmeric, rose water are the ingredients by which you can make your skin free from tan.

But must follow some methods to use those ingredients. Here are some methods to do it:

  1. Before going to bed just apply the mixture of few drops of fresh lemon drops, aloe vera gel and rose water to get rid of tan.
  2. Sunscreen plays a very important role in removing of tan.
  3. Applying a mixture of some gram floor, lemon juice and curd to the affected area will be more effective in removing the tan.
  4. For the best result in a week mix milk powder, lemon juice, honey, almond oil and rose water make a paste of it and apply thrice in a week which helps you in removing tan. Advantage is you can store this paste for about a week.
  5. Use the best face wash which is suitable for your skin and wash your face daily after coming home because dirt also makes your skin dark.
  6. Mix a table spoon of honey and smashed papaya and apply to the affected area to see the best results.
  7. Paste of turmeric and milk also a better solution for removal of tan. Apply this and leave for half an hour and wash with warm water and see the results in 7 days.
  8. Drink more water to keep it moisturized.

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