How to reduce your weight ?

There is a simple logic to reduce weight that is “Eat Less and Exercise More”

Eat less isn’t mean that eating less food, then what it is? It is just to eat in proper quantity and quality food at proper intervals. The three essential substances from which the food is composed of are: Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats. Eating less calorie food will helps you in reducing weight.

Drinking plenty of water also helps in reducing weight and it increases the burning of calories. Instead of drinking other beverages, water will help you in reducing the sugar and calorie intake.

Eating pace is also matters in reducing the weight. Eating more slowly will reduces your weight as the appetite will be decided by the hormones. Simple thing is eating slower and chewing more often you can reduce the risk of eating more and gaining excess weight.

Eating egg in the morning time will helps you in increasing the amount of protein in your body which in turn helps you in burning of calories. Protein also helps you to feel fuller for long time and make you eat less which in turn helps you in reducing the weight.

The way you prepare the food also effects your health and weight. If the food prepared is of more oil, etc., effects in gaining the fat which in turn increases the weight.


Only doing diet isn’t enough to reduce weight. Workout is also needed to burn the calories.

Simply concentrating on reducing the calorie intake without exercising will give room to lose muscle as well as fat.

To avoid side effects from workout should be routine and regular. While doing weight loss concentrate on Fat loss not the weight.

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