How To Look Taller (for Men) – 6 Tips To Look Taller

Looking at the Indian standards you are not at all short and there is nothing to boast.

Here Are Some Tips To Look Taller

  1. Avoid anything that make you look shorter like horizontal stripe at any cost.
  2. The trick is: The more your legs visible the more you look taller.
  3. Suggesting you to not to go for sherwani as they reach you till your upper calf leaving very little space between the floor & your garment hem, making your torso look longer & your legs even shorter, thus giving an allover short look.
  4. A well fitted ornamented blazer, a good padding on the shoulder & well fitted at the waist, will give you a nice V-shape on the upper body.
  5. For the bottom a well-tailored trouser or slim fit dhoti.
  6. Wear the shoes with heels to add.

Below are some samples for you which helps you out in making the decisions to wear the dress which makes you look taller.

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