How To Lightening The Dark Lips

First, we will get to know the reason why lips will turn into dark and then we can find the remedies to make lips lighten.

Smoking, high caffeine intake, prolonged exposure to the harsh sunlight which leads to ageing of skin, licking lips which makes more drier than before and heavy use of lipsticks.

Now let us know what all the steps you can take to avoid your lips by getting darken are:


Apply two to three drops of fresh Lemon juice, which makes wonder in lightening your dark skin as it is rich in vitamin C and citric acid. One more advantage of lemon is it heals scars because vitamin C is a great antioxidant for neutralizing free radicals and boosting collagen production. * Note is to apply lemon before going to bed because if you apply lemon and expose to sunlight it darkens the skin.


This is another method to brighten your lips and it sloughs dry and dead skin cells off the lips to reveal the soft skin which present underneath. It makes the lips even toned, perfect for gliding over your lipstick without hesitation. But how to exfoliate?

Here are some methods to know how to exfoliate:

  • The simplest way to get rid of the dark lips is to use Petroleum jelly like Vaseline and toothbrush. First massage your lips with Vaseline and wait for 2 mins to get it settled on your lips. Then move the toothbrush which is of soft straight bristles on your lips and scrub the dead skin cells off. wash your lips with lukewarm water and again apply a thin layer of Vaseline for added hydration and protection.
  • Massage your lips with the mixture of honey and sugar for 2-3 mins and wash. Then leave a thin layer of honey on your lips overnight.
  • Make a gritty paste of baking soda mixing it with water and rub your lips with that mixture to get a light and soft lips.

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