How To Lighten The Dark Underarms In 7 day

Here are the remedies to lighten the dark Underarms in 7 days.

Let us know what not to be done.

By using razors, hair removing creams, using perfumes or deos directly on the skin, armpits become dark. So, avoid those bad practices.

Let us know what to do to lighten the dark armpits.

  1. Rather than razor only wax your underarms because sugar is good too.
  2. Apply a mixture of Besan, Turmeric with little more quantity and lemon juice to the dark place and leave it for 15-20 mins and then rub it instead of washing it off. You can do this everyday to get the best results. Curd is optional.
  3. Keep your underarms lightly moisturized with the lotion. Remember not too much.
  4. To get rid of from the dark spots drinking water is more effective.
  5. Daily give a massage for 20mins with the coconut oil which lightens the dark armpits as it contains Vitamin E.
  6. Massage by using potato slice because potato has natural bleaching properties.
  7. Applying Cucumber juice is also a good solution for dark armpits.

If you do this, you can Raise your hands with confidence.

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