How To Keep Your Breasts Healthy

As you all know breasts are a very special area in a female body and they need special care to remain tight, smooth and healthy as long as possible. Below are some remedies from that you can get to know how you can care to make them look their best.

A perfect fit:

To become a Victoria’s secret model don’t torture your breasts with the tight bras which will not do any favours. No matter how fabulous the cleavage, an ill-fitted bra is one of the worst things you ever do to your breasts. Wear the bra which makes you feel comfortable.

Choose Organic

Rather than choosing synthetic on subject of bra, better to choose natural fabrics, cotton or silk. As the synthetic material retain the moisture and could lead to fungal infections.


Wear comfortable bras every day and you can see the best result out from that. Gravity works its evil. That is the simple truth behind the sagging of breasts. To delay this evil wear good and comfortable bra.


To increase the blood circulation, hence cellular health give your breast a massage regularly just to serve a double purpose. Massage using oil in the circular motion and remember each rub should last of couple of seconds. Cold water massage also works well, soak a sponge in cold water and massage them.


Keeping your shoulders pulled back and the spine straight while doing work helps to avoid the sagging of breasts.

Drink water and eat well

Drinking water keeps the body hydrated and retains the elasticity of the skin hence avoids the sagging of breasts. If you want to be happy with sight of your breasts in the mirror then eat healthy food like fish, vegetables and cereals. Soaking the soya bean in water for overnight and eating that in the morning time helps in maximizing the breast size and avoids sagging.

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