How to improve your eye sight !!

Here is a tip for you to improve your eye sight. Some wear for style and some wear forcefully… thinking what that is??… Its Spectacles.

Forcefully??? Yeah… Some people who has long and short sight they wear forcefully…For them here is a tip…

Firstly, you must eat proper food to provide required vitamins to your body. Yeah I know that you know For eyes Vitamin…. Is very important which is present in Carrot, green peas, Curry leaves, raw vegetables.

Additional to that, I am gonna tell you one more home-made medicine. Read the below steps:

  1. You need Almonds (Badam), Rock candy and Fennel Seeds
  2. Fry Fennel seeds in little flame.
  3. Finally grind all the three in the mixer grinder till those become nice powder.

Daily use each spoon of the powder everyday in the morning and in the night and see the magic in a month.

Padmini Dhawaskar

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