How to get a Slim Belly

To reduce your belly fat here are some simple tips which need to be followed

Drink more water as you can from which keeps your body satiated.

Additional to that if you drink a glass of hot water in an empty stomach in the early morning adding lemon and a spoon of honey will helps you reducing the belly fat faster.

Eat vegetable and fruits which contain fiber and protein content. Choose fish in your Diet.

One who eats like a king in the morning time, a queen in the afternoon and a beggar in the night can reduce his/her belly fat. Not only belly fat he/she can maintain his/her body healthier.

Green tea is also a remedy to reduce belly fat. Drink Green Tea in the morning before (half an hour) having your breakfast.

Avoid having foods like sweetened beverages, high sugar foods, high-fat foods, refined grains, trans fats, refined oils.

Eat foods which can burn belly fat like beans, nuts and seeds, peppers, avocados, leafy greens, Broccoli, fruits which contains citrus.

Workout is also a part of reducing the fat. Exercises like Crunches, bicycle exercise, lunge twist, rolling plank exercise etc.,

Ab exercise also helps in maintaining your tummy tone reducing your belly fat.

To move from fat to fit, you need to cut down or reduce ghee and butter, choose stairs, walking, cycling instead of driving, opt Surya namaskar, Swimming and avoid alcohol consumption.

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