Health Benefits of Apples You Must Know About

“An Apple a day keeps the doctor away” and it holds good for all types of apples. It consists of fiber called pectin which is classed as a soluble, fermentable and viscous fiber, a combination which gives a lot of health benefits.

Let us know what all the health benefits are there from an apple.

Apple is rich in vitamin A & C and consists of fibre which helps you keep your stomach healthy. If your stomach is good everything is fine.

If you had an apple every day, you can have Whiter and Healthier teeth which doesn’t make you feel embarrass to smile or laugh.

As apple fights the effect of aging the brain and enhances the level of neurotransmitter acetylcholine hence avoids Alzheimer’s and as apple contains high fibre which gives protection from Parkinson’s.

As apple consists of soluble fibre, a key to blunt blood sugar wings which avoids Diabetes and binds with fats in the intestine which translates into Lower Cholesterol Level.

Prevents Gallstones, beat Diarrhoea & Constipation, alleviate Haemorrhoids, controls your Weight, boosts your Immune System, prevents Cataract as it contains anti-oxidants and it is Very good for heart as it decreases the build-up of cholesterol-rich plaque in arteries.

The easiest way to Detoxify your liver is to eat apple a day.

We got to know that what are the benefits of an apple, let us know what the types of apples are there.

Jonagold Apple: A red lovely apple with hints of yellow which is sweet, thin skinned and tart flavour.

Cameo Apple: Cameo is a mixture of red and yellow colored skin, thicker than the golden which is very juicy, crispy and sweet with a little tart looks delicious when used in cooking recipes than eaten raw.

Red Delicious Apple: A juicy, red delicious apple is a soft one which can be eaten raw than to cook

Fuji Apple: This is a large Crispy Apple with intense sweetness which is ideal for eating raw.

Golden Delicious Apple: A bright and cheery apple, thin skinned which can be used for pies, salads, sauces and freezing rather than having raw.

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