Experience is an important lesson from which I learnt.

No don’t confuse this. Its not bad to make decisions in a relationship. Its not bad to have disagreements in a relationship. Its not even bad to have debates in a relationship. Those are all fine, so the lesson that to be learnt is don’t have debates, don’t discuss disagreements and don’t try to make big decisions over text or social media.

How many times have you tried to sort out a disagreement to have e a debate or to have a discussion or decide on social media or via text or email or some sort of digital form of communication? Yes, I also did that… we’ve all been there, we’ve all made mistakes. But literally in that relationship we would discuss everything from her not liking my friends to me, you know not thinking she was focused on her dreams to her feelings of jealousy and insecurity whatever it was we used to discuss it on text and that may sound crazy. But if you just have a quick reflection or a quick adult over your past or present  relationships and just think about where you’re having most of your important conversations, now if you can honestly say that you’re not having them on digital media I’m so happy for you, wish I was like you, you’re my role model, you’re amazing.

So, what am gonna tell you is our phones have become the place where we make major decisions and its hugely bad move. We do this because we all don’t want to have difficult conversations in person, right?

None of us want to walk into a difficult discussion, none of us want to walk into a tough situation none of us want to have to talk about the things that annoy us, upset us that feel awkward, uncomfortable or tough and so we turn to social media and this happens so often with everything right?

We all know about trolls, why is it that trolls feel more comfortable in an Instagram comment section or YouTube comment section?

Because you can kind of say what you want without having to deal with the repercussions right away or ever, so we know that we all get more confident behind the screen, than we do when we don’t have it. And unfortunately, in our relationships especially in love and relationships that leads to a lot of challenges. And sometimes you can think I’m just asking a question, I’m just starting a conversation and then you see something like that just completely escalate, completely go in another direction and that happens so often where you just kind of get lost in social media in having this debate, discussion, disagreement via text when all you wanted to do was ask one question, so when you do it over text you end up saying things you don’t mean, you choose shorter ways of saying the same thing and end up causing more issues in the long run  and

I learnt that when it came to a disagreement, debate or a decision we must do those face to face in person.

Padmini Dhawaskar

Hi! This is Padmini Dhawaskar, the Author of Working as a Software Engineer at IBM. I started blogging and instagramming with an endeavor to motivate people to keep moving. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re enjoying reading through my blog.

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