A powerful Advice on self-Growth

We think we know what everyone is going through, but the truth is we have no idea. And for those of you being put down or bullied or pushed back, recognise that if someone’s making you feel like you’re not good enough, you are allowing them to do that. See, when someone says that we’re beautiful, we believe them for like a moment. But, if someone says you’re ugly, we believe for them for lifetime. Our mind constantly tricks us into amplifying the negatives and minimizing the positives, but its our choice to not to let that in.

  • Accept that you’re worthy,
  • Accept that you’re enough,
  • Claim your wellness and your belonging.
  • The more that you believe you’re worthy, the more likely you are to attract it.

Its so tempting to runaway from your emotions or avoid them or bury them, but it takes lot more courage to face them. To write them down, to address them down.

We must learn to carry ourselves. This isn’t a negative message, it’s a message to long term growth.

Its important that our health and happiness starts with us first, not your partner, not your job, not your friends, not your family, Happiness is how we feel about ourselves when we are by ourselves. Often, we feel amazing when we’re surrounded by people, but when we’re alone, we feel lonely and disconnected. When there is space and silence, we feel unhappy and depressed. Its in those moments when we realise how we feel about ourselves is so much more important.

It was Gandhi who said that “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet”. See, we all have a choice to let things in, whether its energy, words, feelings, or emotion. Its our responsibility to keep our space the way we wanted to be. And we all must recognise that our words and actions have an impact on others. There are so many people today dealing with so much that even the smallest action can become a huge trigger in their personal lives.

Recognize your current situation isn’t your destination and you don’t need to make future predictions based on your current dilemma.

The three area in which we need mentors, coaches, and guides are care, competence and character. There are some people in our life that will always give us care. Their focus will always be our mental and physical health.

The second type of mentor or coach that we need in our life is competence, that someone who has skillset in the area that we wanna grow in, someone who is living their passion, someone who is an expert in an area where we want to develop.

Finally, with this in our life, of deep character, people who can guide us in the toughest of times. People who can be honest with us when no one else can. And people who can share their truth with us when we are at our biggest and most challenging moments. Everyone has at least one and don’t forget this

  • No one is coming to save you.
  • You must save yourself.
  • No one coming to change your life.
  • You have to change yourself.

Padmini Dhawaskar

Hi! This is Padmini Dhawaskar, the Author of Working as a Software Engineer at IBM. I started blogging and instagramming with an endeavor to motivate people to keep moving. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re enjoying reading through my blog.

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